/July 2006 Articles

Pusey letter writer

Margaret Laird finds modern parallels in the archive at Hatfield House in the letters of Dr Edward Pusey to the Third Marquess of Salisbury The Rt Hon. Lord Patten of Barnes CH, Chancellor of Oxford University, preached at High Mass [...]

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Anglicans and slavery

Simon Heans returns to the question of slavery and empire, and the manner in which we are or should be implicated in it. what should we mean by the 'prayer of acknowledgement of the failure? Next year is the bicentenary [...]

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Unhappy change

This month George Austin examines the world into which Shakespeare was born Shakespeare was born in 1564 into an England torn apart by the religious and political turmoil brought about in the 1530s and 1540s by Henry VIII’s actions against [...]

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Disciplining Clerics

Malcolm Jones has been examining the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003 which came into effect this year. There are now a number of strikingly different ways of judging and sanctioning members of the cloth not all of which were expected What [...]

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On your knees

Kneelers are an attractive sight in a church, but are they used? Just what has become of the act of kneeling in our worship? In church after church it is increasingly ignored. Does it matter? Yes, it does. When kneeling [...]

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Faithful capital

Martin Warner gives a brief overview of the recent Church of England report Faithful Cities published twenty-one years after the influential Faith in the City and intended as an update on the issues it analysed The call for celebration, vision [...]

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Just not cricket

ohn Shepley is in summer mood and offers an account of the recent remarkable events at the All-England Lawn Tennis Club Only a few seasons ago it would have been difficult to imagine anything which could shake the sedate, middle-class [...]

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Inventive Prayer

John Hunwicke is worried by the implications of the new style of over-inventive liturgy Canon Penny Driver from Ripon Diocese was recently collated as Archdeacon of Exeter in that city’s cathedral, and things were – in accordance with custom in [...]

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For understanding

What do they believe? The Rt Revd David Walker, Bishop of Dudley, has kindly agreed to outline his own convictions as one in favour of women bishops fully aware that most readers will not share them This article is personal. [...]

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Generation Y-Not?

Francis Gardom offers some reflections on the church's mission after reading a recent church study on the spiritual life and aspirations of young people which is honest about what we have got wrong Making Sense of Generation Y. The world [...]

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