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House covenant

Mark Stevens is not convinced by the trivializing option In his speech to the Synod in York the Bishop of Durham compared the proposed Anglican Covenant to a set of rules voluntarily adopted by those sharing a house: no decaying [...]

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arts, books, other reviews

THE LOWRY GALLERIES The Lowry, Greater Manchester Admission free In my Manchester youth, I could count thirty-seven mill chimneys from the vicarage window, and there would be cotton waste blowing around ones feet on the way to the bus or [...]

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America 1 Principles of arrogance Anyone following events in The Episcopal Church (TEC) can observe certain unwavering principles of change that have been propagated, in one form or another, by those leading the charge of revolutionary innovation. I would summarize [...]

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letters to the editor

A good purple woman From Fr Ian Wetmore With regard to the editorial comment on Canada [May], I would caution everyone not to typecast Victoria Matthews. It was said that 'A female primate on both sides of the 49th parallel [...]

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30 days

Multicultural Many thanks to St Stephens House alumnus A.N. Wilson, writing in the Daily Telegraph, for the news that the Heritage Lottery Fund folk have decreed that, in order for grant-funding to be made available, a proposed staging of the [...]

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Touching Place

St John Baptist, Newbury and St George's, Wash Common, Berks TWO NEWBURY CHURCHES Many towns like Newbury built new churches during the 19th c, to cope with their expansion. The original church of St John (1860), designed by William Butterfield, [...]

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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on John Keble and Apostolic Order Through the seventeenth-century Anglican divines, John Keble became immersed, not in an abstract tradition, but in the living tradition -the continuity on English soil of the Primitive Church in its apostolic faith [...]

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the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk distrusts the Commissioners' understanding of mission and suggests a more robust local approach In a useful and readable article about clergy pensions (Pay cuts all round, ND June), Luke Pacioli concluded, of the expenditure of the Church Commissioners, [...]

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Sacred vision

Crucifixion at Wigan The work of Major is often compared to that of his contemporary and fellow northerner, L.S. Lowry. But beyond circumstance of time and place and some shared elements of visual language, their paintings are altogether different. Unlike [...]

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