/July 2007 Articles

A lot’s in a name

'Do you think we'd improve our fortunes if we called ourselves Howell-Edwards?' A question from my lovely new wife, formerly Margaret Howell, as we travelled from church after our mid-1960's wedding. Her concern was possibly prompted because the bridal car [...]

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Friendly beasts

Anthony Saville has been entranced by a new book of medieval pictures of animals, real and imaginary Once one has acquired the basic historical understanding of those distant centuries, is there any merit in the Middle Ages? I have to [...]

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For a free diocese

Bishop Edwin Barnes puts forward what may be the simplest of all the options for a structural solution for orthodox Anglicans to keep everybody happy and not frighten the liberal ascendancy Clergy and others have been responding generously to my [...]

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Any volunteers?

Julian Mann on reluctant churchwardens Dear Archdeacon, I agree that it is regrettable that there were no nominations for the post of churchwarden at our recent annual Vestry meeting of parishioners. According to the Handbook for Churchwardens & Parochial Church [...]

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Grabbing the cake

John P. Richardson wonders whether those currently taking an uncompromising approach to the issue of women bishops may not be opening an unexpected new battle front elsewhere The story is told of an officer in the First World War who, [...]

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How would you describe the senior appointments system in the Church of England? Nepotistic? Obsessively secretive? Resistant to incomers? Biased against minorities? It was once the habit of 30Days in this paper to place alongside every new appointment the candidates [...]

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