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Gardening sense Chris Collins The Son of Man will send his angels, and they will collect out of his kingdom all causes of sin and all evildoers, and they will throw them into the furnace of fire.' Jesus' parable of [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

The expenses scandal I do most of the shopping for the retreat house we live in and serve. This is because I spend less money than anyone else does! At the end of every month I give the treasurer receipts [...]

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Suffolk and Oxford

Tom Sutcliffe reports from the Aldeburgh Festival and the production of Mirandolina at Garsington The Aldeburgh Festival, created by Benjamin Britten to do something for the community where he had made his home, and as a shop window for music [...]

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No golden age

Paul Griffin explains why traditionalism should not be confused with an unrealistic idealization of the past Matthew Arnold wrote of 'this strange disease of modern life, With its sick hurry, its divided aims'. He was writing when Britain was under [...]

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Make your cross clear

Hugh Baker reflects on the BNP's attempt to sell itself to disaffected Christians Well, now we know. Not only have UKIP strengthened their position in Europe, but the BNP is now edging towards the mainstream of British politics. The very [...]

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Bible marathons 3

Christopher Idle offers some final thoughts on his experience of continuous public readings of the entire Bible with some advice for future marathons The marathon proceeds. All is well with the superbly organized lists for lectern, bookstall and teapot. The [...]

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On being a priest

Arthur Middleton describes the challenges of being a priest in today's climate, reminding us that a priest is not a mere manager or leader but must share in the sufferings of his people and provide an inspiring example It is [...]

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Controversy and corruption

George Austin examines the nature of integrity and political consequences of the parliamentary expenses scandal, and finds that there are important lessons not just for politicians but for society as a whole The scandal raised by the Telegraph revelations on [...]

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The P-C P.C.

The recorded evidence of a policeman telling a street preacher that it is a crime to identify homosexuality as a sin reveals the resounding success of the politically-correct ideological drive in Britain's police force in the last decade. Mr Andy [...]

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United we stand

Ed Tomlinson urges us to adopt the watching and waiting strategy successfully employed by the British army at the Battle ofBalaklava in the nineteenth century I am no historian, and certainly no expert on military conquests, but that has not [...]

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