/July 2009 Articles

First past the post

Paul Benfield reveals his motiva tions for standing for election to the recently established Fleetwood town council and reflects on his victory Fleetwood, like most towns, is proud of its history - even though it only goes back to 1826 [...]

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God and gender

John Richardson considers how we ought to think of God as 'He'? The question is posed by divine revelation and by nature itself In the living world we find the two states of male and female. And although some organisms [...]

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In fear and trembling

Digby Anderson warns of the danger of regarding the supernatural as ordinary, especially in receiving communion, for if we do not fear God then we do not love him properly Two sets of villains rightly receive frequent attention in this [...]

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Too equal by far

Anthony Saville expresses further concerns about the Equality Bill 2009 and its confused understanding of exceptions The basic purpose of the Equality Bill, as of its predecessor of 2006, is to make 'equality' a single legal notion. The Bill identifies [...]

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Cost of an exodus

In 1994, predictions of the numbers of clergy who would leave turned out to be unduly pessimistic, but, writes George Austin, this time the situation is different and the risk is greater When in 1992 the General Synod gave its [...]

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ACC Jamaica [see 'Correspondents' p. 22] will go down in the annals of world-wide Anglicanism as a missed - and tragically bungled - opportunity. The Chairmanship of Bishop John Paterson of New Zealand clearly left a great deal to be [...]

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