/June 2002 Articles

Sins of the Saints

‘We perish by permitted things’ Fr Rosenthal wrote Sins of the Saints whilst Parish Priest of St Agatha’s, Sparkbrook. He led the successful resistance in Birmingham during the 30s to the notorious Bishop Barnes. As a result Catholic Anglicanism flourished [...]

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That Other Golden Jubilee: our Debt to Dulwich Without a first-hand acquaintance with Dulwich College, SE London, in the 1890s, it is difficult to envisage the rows of small and large boys at their daily assembly in Chapel. One surmises, [...]

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A Symposium on the Legalization and Regulation of Drugs Sponsored by Cost of Conscience, this event brought together a remarkable series of experts in the field and provided those attending with an extraordinary insight into the complexities of the social, [...]

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Imagine, if you will, this scene. A group of fundamentalist Christian terrorists, responsible for the systematic slaughter of innocent civilians over a long period, holed up in the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. Of course you would have to stretch [...]

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