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Why are parrots so prone to sickness? Apparently, so correspondents tell us, it was because parrots were becoming (like liberals?) popular but exotic imports to this country in the Seventies. Colourful, fascinating, different, they were notoriously prone to such viral [...]

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Lost Property (1) Please be advised that a batch of mail to the London WC1 area due for delivery on 27th April 2005, including that for Forward in Faith and all other addressees at The Cloisters went ‘missing’. If you [...]

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Heaven meets earth Abbey Dore in Herefordshire The border between England and Wales has known some exciting times, but you cannot meet anywhere much more pastoral nowadays than the area to the southwest of Hereford, where the village of Kilpeck [...]

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Wish you were here?

Alan Edwards is in holiday mood Our local airport has recently become host to a budget airline. The local press soon began carrying adverts for the new venture. One in particular intrigued me. ‘Fly to Dublin. One way ticket 50. [...]

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David Chislett announces his removal from his parish in Australia Letter from David Chislett Dear brothers and sisters, Find below Archbishop Aspinall’s ad clerum which went out around the Diocese of Brisbane today… It is clear that the Archbishop’s action [...]

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The Three Stages

Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: A journal of Mere Christianity Already within the New Testament, we detect an appreciation that there are progressive stages in the life of divine grace, each with its own appropriate instruction. [...]

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Australia Howard’s End ‘At the time of the next election, I’ll be 67 or 68, and I believe that is simply too old to lead a party into government.’ So said Mr Michael Howard, leader of the Conservatives, after their [...]

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Feather-brained From Miss J. Jole Thank you to Margaret Laird for her article and analysis of the modern state of women (ND April). The notion that the sexes are identical, however, is only one face of feminist orthodoxy. It is [...]

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Europe of the Faith

Simon Heans questions the EU Constitution on its support for life issues By the time you read this, France will have voted in its referendum on the European Constitution, and we will know whether the way to a Frenchman’s vote [...]

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