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'You are witnesses of these things. Chris Collins Our bodies are important to us. It is through our bodies that we communicate with others – most obviously with our mouths, but also with our body language. Often we do not [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House Bereavement blights our lives. It takes many forms – losing a job, losing a home or even losing a pet can invade a person with a sense of loss and the [...]

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A left-footed Bard?

George Austin considers the religious sympathies of our greatest dramatist Our English teacher came back from the war to find that his pupils were almost totally uncultured. He decided that we should be introduced to the real Shakespeare and organized [...]

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Here is a rule of thumb for all moral debate; it is original, I think, but not copyright. This is it. If anyone accuses you of being obsessed with something, the probability is that their logic is faulty, their lifestyle [...]

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POT: I didn’t inhale

Simon Ellis looks back at his post-ordination training and reflects on the teaching needs in our parishes urging that serious study be taken seriously The common criticism of Post Ordination Training (POT) a decade ago was that there was far [...]

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Opposing reasons

Ernest Skublicks eschews the irenic and inclusive approach Some proponents of a new province insist that this is not a Catholic cause but one that should unite all traditional Anglicans (e.g. Dr Tan in last month’s ND). However, our problems [...]

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Liberal ultimatum

Anthony Saville has been reading the recent statement on women bishops from the two leading liberal groups On 17 May Affirming Catholicism and Watch issued a joint press release, which began, A campaigning group and a network of Anglo-Catholics in [...]

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By their fruits

Hugh Baker considers some recent political scandals and offers some advice to politicians and the Church We had plenty of scandals to keep the commentators busy last month. Both tabloid and broadsheet have found dozens of ex-prisoners whom Charles Clarke’s [...]

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Creating a fuss

John Richardson takes the heat out of the recent squabble over creationism and intelligent design We all know the situation. The local church decides to change something – the seating or the colour of the carpets – and suddenly everyone [...]

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Creating community

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet wants more nuanced expression of collegiality at ordination services Though I find myself in substantial agreement with Fr Hunwicke’s article, Brothers together (May 2006), I should want to develop one or two of the points further. [...]

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