/June 2006 Articles

Spelling it out

Mark Stevens is once again exasperated by those bishops who cannot grasp the nature of their own office, what therefore is needed for Catholic Anglicans, and why TEA so singularly fails to understand them You can bet your life that [...]

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Creation care

The environment is not usually regarded as a religious issue but the Bible makes it clear that care for creation is not optional. Professor Sam Berry tackles the problem of environmental apathy Nearly twenty years ago, Mrs Thatcher remarked that [...]

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Sacred Synod north

Paul Benfield gives a brief report on the recent Sacred synod held in the northern province The Bishop of Beverley, together with the Bishops of Burnley, Pontefract, Whitby and Bp Paul Richardson, Assistant Bishop of Newcastle, called a Sacred Synod [...]

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Synodical juggernaut

The Bishop of Chichester, the Right Revd John Hind continues the Bishop of Willesden's criticisms of last month, and offers a solemn warning to General Synod in its forthcoming deliberations It’s a pretty sure sign that all is not well [...]

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Spirit of truth

Norman Russell argues that Christians must develop a richer and more sophisticated understanding of truth and justice than is found in secular culture; so also over the issue of women bishops The Venerable Norman Russell has been the Archdeacon of [...]

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When, at its last session in February, General Synod voted by 348 votes to 1 for further exploration of the TEA proposal (‘transferred episcopal arrangements’) it was generally assumed that this would be to make it work more fully. When [...]

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