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Peace in a Changing World John Newton, 1725-1807 A Sister of the Community of the Holy Cross, Rempstone We need to know that every thing is going to be all right in the end. Constant change affects our bearings. Nothing [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Christian caring Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House Many readers will be carers, or may become carers in the future. This means that their lives become ordered around the needs of a family member or friend. This [...]

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Compel them to come

John Turner wants a much stronger understanding of how we should go about fostering vocations to the sacred ministry On its membership application form, Forward in Faith says, 'We seek an ecclesial structure in which our children can grow in [...]

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Leaders for the new

Paul Perkin on the new demands of leadership Seventy-seven years old Alvin Toffler is the world's most famous futurologist. Thirty-six years ago he published his first bestseller Future Shock, and a decade later The Third Wave. His latest book Revolutionary [...]

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Forming priests

Ernest Skublics offers a contribution to the working party discussions urging on us the importance of residential training for the ministry Even if there are only truly sacramental structures in the Church, nevertheless for the incarnational machinery to work, much [...]

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Any reasons left?

As we draw close to final crisis within the Church of England and the introduction of women bishops we review the range of possible theological arguments in favour of this novelty What are the arguments in favour of the ordination [...]

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Sympathy and caring

Paul Griffin muses on the nature of sympathy its tendency towards sentimentality and its need for being taught by reason Sympathy is a common feeling, though never common enough. The whole guilt-feeling of the western world shows itself in the [...]

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Directing change

John Turnbull was surprised by the recent media interest in an apparent abortions crisis and the possibility that they may become increasingly rare not on immediate moral grounds but because of the Working Time Directive A woman's right to choose [...]

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New regulations

Relief that the smoking ban will not apply to incense [ND May] could be tempered by reading the requirements of the Ecclesiastical Premises - Environmental Health Order (Ref 010407) to be laid before Parliament. Candles. To reduce carbon emissions wax [...]

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Lengthy intolerance

This is an abridgement of A Note on the Affirming Catholicism submission to the Legislative Drafting Group of the General Synod by the Legal Working Party of Forward in Faith' The recently published Affirming Catholicism submission to the Legislative Drafting [...]

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