/June 2007 Articles

Pentecost reflections

Hugh Baker remembers when a sermon became the finest political manifesto for building a just and hard-working society Like me, you may have had glossy little leaflets through your door at April's end, urging you to vote for.. .whoever. Unsurprisingly, [...]

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Ownership and power

This is an abridgement of The Venerable Normal Russell's submission concerning the removal of the ownership of parsonages from incumbents in their parishes to dioceses and their finance men The second McClean Report recommended that the ownership of churches, churchyards [...]

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Promises, promises

George Austin looks back at how General Synod first established clergy pensions along with compulsory retirement, the undertakings they made then and the proposals now being presented Church pensions and retirement housing matter to all clergy and lay-workers, retired or [...]

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Pay cuts all round

Luke Pacioli is aware of the dilemma faced by the Church Commissioners, the Pensions Board and the members of General Synod, as the struggle for cash begins in earnest I watched the General Synod debate on the Church Commissioners' great [...]

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What a strange legacy. There is no doubting Prime Minister Tony Blair's religious convictions and commitment; and yet he has presided over the most dramatically de-Christianizing decade this country has known since the Viking invasions. There is a further irony, [...]

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