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Julian Mann is sceptical about the poten tial impact of the impending Global Anglican Future Conference, and suggests that Lambeth provides a better opportunity for proclaiming a strong message For western evangelicals and for those from parts of the Anglican [...]

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The simple solution

John Shepley acknowledges that the Manchester Group had to resolve two contradictory requirements but suggests that one of their own options is the easiest solution to both What was the Manchester Group for? The question seems a strange one until [...]

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Everything nothing

Matthew Bemand reflects on the nature of priesthood and the events leading up to his ordination a year ago, and offers encouragement to others who are thinking of embarking on the same journey 'What are you, O priest? Nothing and [...]

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Long awaited report

If you have not yet read the Manchester Report James Patrick will lead you through the options and the many questions that its conclusions pose On 22 August 1485, the Lancastrian forces led by Henry Tudor met those of the [...]

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To understand Mary is to understand the Christian faith. The consideration of the ARCIC report Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ at next months session of General Synod is, therefore, of real importance. For a representative body more used to [...]

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