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God's knowledge of us Raymond Chapman God beholds thee individually, whoever thou art. He calls thee by thy name. He sees thee, and understands thee, as he made thee. He knows what is in thee, all thy own peculiar feelings [...]

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Every year my wife and I visit the same place in the extreme part of West Wales. On one occasion we drove six hours there and six hours back just to stay one night. We wonder why, but we know [...]

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Anselm of Canterbury

Few archbishops of Canterbury have commanded a measure of regard and affection as broad and as varied as the monk who died 900 years ago this April past. Philosophers who remain underwhelmed by the so-called onto-logical argument for the existence [...]

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What is communion?

As Anglicanism is a fraternal system of federated churches which voluntarily relate to each other on various levels of communion, each province may or may not elect to be in communion with a new ecclesiastical entity in North America. The [...]

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Bible marathons 2

The Bible Marathon begins with volunteers, conscripts and reservists all in place. Who is going to read, and how will they manage? In an ideal church they arrive promptly and read clearly, audibly and intelligibly, suggesting Nehemiah 8.8. And inerrantly [...]

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Glastonbury progress

It is often said that a day can change your life. Well, Saturday 30 June 1984 certainly changed mine as it was my first visit to the Glastonbury Pilgrimage. It was one of those perfect June days with warm sunshine [...]

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Our Lady of Fernyhalgh

Roger Parker provides a brief history of Ladyewell and its development into a popular pilgrimage centre Fernyhalgh is mysterious; it is not superstition. It is tranquil; it is not hysterical... Even today it represents a haven of silence and prayer; [...]

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Voting psychology

What does the BNP vote tell us about our church? Ed Tomlinson wonders what Synod thought it was doing and does not like one bit what this suggests Have you ever watched a weak leader attempt to gain control in [...]

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