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sacred vision

Rubens’s Martyrdom of St Andrew Rubens’s Martyrdom of St Andrew (a commission for the Real Hospital de San Andres de los Flamencos in Madrid) is one of the earliest paintings to demonstrate the full fluency of his baroque style. The [...]

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A model of prayer Patrick Henry Reardon, senior editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity Among the subjects important for a Christian to learn, prayer is among the most difficult to teach. There are several reasons for this, but [...]

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The eternal in you matters most Florence Allshorn And you are to take your part in that achieving history – you have come out in answer to a call – given yourselves to something beyond yourselves. You have said: ‘I, [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Hidden work Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House Sometimes I have conversations with individuals who have ‘dead patches’ in their spirituality. One kind of dead patch is a lack of ‘sense of sorrow for my sins.’ It [...]

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Hidden secrets

Readers sometimes complain that ND articles are too difficult and technical; to keep them happy Simon Cotton discusses some chemical compositions Frankincense and myrrh. Both are produced as resins by trees native to Arabia. Frankincense is made by cutting bark [...]

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views, reviews and previews

FRA ANGELICO TO LEONARDO Italian Renaissance Drawings British Museum 22 April–25 July 2010 Admission £12; concessions £10 To enter the exhibition space of the British Museum is to be impressed with the tristitia rerum. Once in the magnificently vaulted Reading [...]

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from elsewhere

USA Ex-Episcopal bishop returns A conservative former Episcopal bishop of Albany who left the church in 2007 to become a Roman Catholic has now returned to his former faith. Daniel W. Herzog became an outspoken national opponent of ordaining gay [...]

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Unchurching Jesus

Digby Anderson responds to the resurgence of the anti-Christian claim that the Church has misinterpreted the life of Jesus in order to justify its own teachings Old chestnuts are especially offensive when presented as if they were new. Currently in [...]

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Cur Deus Vir?

Mark Stevens insists that it was neither a mistake nor an irrelevance that God was incarnate as a male, there is a reason why even if we do not know it Why was God incarnate as a male? It is [...]

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Lead kindly light…

Poetry is the refuge of those who have not the Catholic Church ... for the Church herself is the most sacred and august of poets. Poetry, as Mr Keble lays it down in his University Lectures on the subject, is [...]

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