/June 2010 Articles

Master Hooker

Paul Griffin wonders how the sixteenth-century theologian would tackle the situation in today’s Church of England Outside Exeter Cathedral, the usual herring gull sat on Richard Hooker’s hat. I thought about the Church he propounded in the Elizabethan Settlement, commemorated [...]

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Georgian Lincolnshire

Eighteenth century Lincolnshire was faced with arrears of church maintenance, and rebuilt around sixty churches. For some, like Saxby St Helen (c.1775), the façade with its Tuscan columns recalls a pagan temple. A bell turret sits above the portico. Well [...]

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Seeds of confusion

With simple clarity Margaret Laird outlines some of the confusion felt by Church of England lay people in the interminable debates over women bishops When both sides support their claims from Scripture, it is not surprising that many Anglicans feel [...]

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Friend’s appeal

Reflecting on a difficult year for Roman Catholics and a shaky start to the plans for the Pope’s forthcoming visit to Britain in September, Joanna Bogle expresses a new sense of vulnerability, but confidence that great things can be achieved [...]

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Grump stays put

How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity’ [Psalm 133]. Bet the writer hadn’t reached chariot pass age. Once you’re an oldie, ‘grumpy’ is part of the deal as well as ‘granny’. (For ‘granny’ [...]

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A man sent from God

Bishop Robert Mercer CR is enthusiastic about the warmth and vision of Pope Benedict’s invitation to groups of Anglicans to enter an Ordinariate Leading men and women to God, to the God who speaks in the Bible: this is the [...]

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Reception and memory Dame Mary Tanner reminds us how important is the notion of open reception, with its biblical origin, how central to Anglican thinking, and why it should not now be abandoned Institutions, like individuals, often suffer from a [...]

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and not content

Consensus. It cannot possibly be good for you. All credit to the new administration, and I wish them well, for the tasks are huge. If the United Kingdom had to have a coalition government, as opposed to no government at [...]

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