/June 2011 Articles

The Romero Project

Paul Cartwright describes the work of a project in South Yorkshire that provides many forms of support for local people marginalized by social inequality ‘Good morning, Romero Project, how can we help?’ This is the response that can sometimes be [...]

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The feminizing of Holy Order

Arthur Middleton explains that the Church should never attempt to conform to modern socio-political ideology, particularly in relation to the threefold ministry The ordination of women is not a social issue so that any arguments about the role of women, [...]

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Dominus illuminatio mea

Christopher Johnson on studying theology at seminary and the relationship between seminaries and higher education institutions Emblazoned across the University of Oxford’s badge are the opening words of Psalm 27, Dominus illuminatio mea. This glimpse of Christian scripture discloses a [...]

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A game of two halves

Half the children born this year will see their parents separated by the time they reach 16. Halfway through this century, demography could make Britain Islamic. Half the number of folk attend Anglican churches today compared to fifty years ago. [...]

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The Gospels emphasize the physical nature of Jesus’ Resurrection Patrick Henry Reardon, Senior Editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity From the beginning, the proclamation of the Gospel has always involved a claim that the full weight of universal [...]

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Getting the message across

Tony Delves reviews two recent publications: Women Bishops – Moving Forward Together from the Catholic Group in General Synod, and Women Bishops in the Church of England, a CD PowerPoint presentation from FiF Ils ne passeront pas’ – Why does [...]

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Cherish your education, cherish the Church Clare Rabjohns reports from the Proms Praise for Schools event, inspired by the 200th anniversary of the National Society for Promoting Religious Education Tuesday 15 March 2011 saw what I would consider to be [...]

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