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From the Archive: Remember 1993?

John Richardson on the importance of the 1993 Act of Synod Recently I was at a meeting of evangelicals from the Diocese of Chelmsford which, at one stage, turned quite painful. The occasion was a discussion of the ‘Following Motion’ [...]

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Anglicans and Christian Unity

Mark Langham highlights the abundance of riches to be found in Anglican patrimony The rush of enthusiasm that followed Vatican II’s recognition that elements of the Church might be found outside the boundaries of the Roman Catholic Church, and its [...]

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The Future of Religious Life

Steven Haws explains and advocates monastic life in the face of declining vocations Most of our religious brothers and sisters today are living out their vows in community, but some live outside it as solitaries. If we look at many [...]

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A Courtyard in Jerusalem

Ann George views a sign and a portent from the rooftop Jerusalem was getting hotter and hotter as May moved into June. The sun blazed down on the white stone and heated up the flat rooftops of the ancient houses [...]

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June Diary

Thurifer turns on the wireless I am among those sad cases who wake up to Today on Radio 4 and stick with it despite provocations. I switch off, physically or consciously, at Thought for the Day. I lose interest when [...]

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Secular Liturgies

Tom Sutcliffe relives his musical education and a recent Handel Festival One gathered that Horace Hawkins, the organist and choirmaster, had been the favourite pupil of Charles-Marie Widor at St Sulpice in Paris. We loved the turn-of-the-century glorificatory French choral [...]

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Views, Reviews and Previews

Art   Monet and Architecture National Gallery until 29th July, 2018 Americans were some of the most devoted purchasers of the works of Claude Monet (1840-1926) and outside of France the U.S.A. has some of the best collections of Monet’s [...]

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The way we live now

Christopher Smith considers the catholic/evangelical divide A retired priest came to mass here at St Alban’s recently, as retired priests often do, and told me about the Angela Tilby/Church Times debacle. Needless to say, this had all passed me by, [...]

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In a recent article Canon Angela Tilby caused something of a furore by highlighting and bemoaning what she called the ‘evangelical takeover of the Church of England.’ Her view is that there has been a seismic shift in the way [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

Arthur Middleton on the Trinity as expressed in the Athanasian Creed When the Book of Common Prayer was commonplace in most parishes, during sermons bored choirboys could be found browsing the Quicunque Vult. It is also known as the Athanasian [...]

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