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We associate Norfolk with large churches in the Perpendicular style. Nevertheless, a number of fine Norman fonts survive, sometimes when the rest of the church has been rebuilt in Gothic. The most unusual subject matter is found at Burnham Deepdale [...]

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Liturgy in time of COVID

Richard Bastable considers worship online Undoubtedly livestreaming and other digital broadcasts have helped some of those able to access it to feel close to Christian worship, and has provided them some spiritual nourishment. I decided early not to livestream, chief [...]

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Moving Forward

Charlie Bell considers what lessons have been learnt in the current crisis as we look to the future The past few months have not, perhaps, been the Church of England’s finest. At times it has felt that we have, through [...]

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Living stones

Ian McCormack explores the importance of place It has been suggested that the rush to embrace online and virtual worship is part of a Machiavellian plot to deny the importance of church buildings and refashion the Church of England along [...]

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Finding God in the Midst of Pandemic

Martin Hislop offers some spiritual advice to his parishioners Everybody has a Pearl Harbour: For many people it may have been the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. For younger people it’s September 11, 2001. For today’s younger people it’s the coronavirus [...]

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Being there

Luke Miller explores the practicalities of caring for the bereaved in a time of lockdown Towards the beginning of lockdown I was interviewed on a webinar for a youth group. I was talking about the work I have been doing [...]

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Getting the message right

Edward Dowler considers the church in lockdown The mantra stay at home; protect the NHS; save lives, although recently modified at the time of writing this article, has become more than familiar over the past few weeks.  We have seen [...]

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Time to Sow in the North

John Tomlinson introduces an important new study During the summer and autumn of last year I had the privilege and the pleasure of visiting several parish priests and congregations of the Catholic Tradition across the north of England. The experience [...]

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