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It was raining in Maida Vale as Tom Whelan reviewed his meagre wardrobe. Did he possess a single garment which would be suitable for a detective sergeant conducting an investigation in a small town on the Equator? The answer, apart [...]

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Prophesying Doom

Patrick Reardon looks at a prophet on politics Besides surprised, Micaiah ben Imlah was feeling more than faintly puzzled. A messenger had just arrived from the palace in Samaria, summoning him to a large consultation of prophets that King Ahab [...]

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Grey Elegy

Andy Hawes on rural ministry now Two weeks ago I stood in Swinstead Churchyard at Tom Pell’s grave. Thirteen years before I had taken the Blessed Sacrament to his sister before she died, subsequently I had officiated at June’s funeral. [...]

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Sister Joan Chittister, a keynote speaker at the recent conference of WOW (Women’s Ordination Worldwide), has written a ‘creed’. It is modelled on – but quite different from – the Apostles’ Creed. The Apostles’ Creed: 'I believe in God, the [...]

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PRAYING THE PASSION The mind and heart recoils from the suffering of Jesus. There is a double cause to this shying away from its reality. The first is the common difficulty of being with someone in pain: the suffering of [...]

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Downsizing Dioceses

A great idea, says Nick Turner; but who will try it first? Parishes can be culled, merged, amalgamated, re-ordered. This practice has been going on for so long and become so normal, that in some parts of the country it [...]

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An Alien Culture?

Cost of Conscience seeks to inform people about the Drug Scene According to a recent article in The Economist (‘Bad Score’, January 12, 2002, p27) ‘Britain now has by far the worst drug problem in Western Europe … More people [...]

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