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‘Let us proclaim the Mystery of Faith’ (Missal and ASB) ‘Great is the Mystery of Faith’ (Missal and Common Worship). Why the change? And what is the Mystery of Faith anyway? (Mysterium Fidei; MF in what follows.) Look at 1 [...]

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Eucharist: Life’s Divine Foundation Justin Martyr in his First Apology told the Emperor what Christians did when they worshipped God. We come together to celebrate the Eucharist. No-one is allowed to partake except those who believe as true the things [...]

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Little and Large

Robbie Low looks at differing statistics and opposite conclusions It must have been several years ago now. My churchwardens approached me in a state of mild confusion. The Archdeacon’s visitation had recently taken place. They rarely bothered to inform me [...]

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PATERFAMILIAS It is a commonplace of the debate about women’s ordination that Evangelical and Catholic opponents are coming from different corners. The Catholics, it is said, major on the priest as icon of Christ; the Evangelicals on the Pauline doctrine [...]

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Leah the Unloved

Patrick Reardon on Jacob’s other wife. The Lord looked out for Leah. He had to. Nobody else would. Well, all right, I exaggerate. Leah's father Laban also looked out for her, at least in the sense of making sure she [...]

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French and English

Anne Gardom visits Constable to Delacroix at Tate Britain This exhibition examines the relationship between British and French artists and writers during the period that followed the end of the Napoleonic wars. A whole generation of artists had been divided [...]

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The one to watch

PROPHECY is not my vocation, but I admit to an amateur fascination in the influence of possible future events on our moral thinking. Newly discovered catastrophes, such as an errant asteroid crashing into the earth, are not particularly interesting because [...]

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Moments of Truth Mrs E. Herman in Creative Prayer (Pub: James Clark, London 1921) recounts the following story: "A radiant young girl, the daughter of a wealthy silk merchant of Lyons, was dancing at a fashionable ball. She was engaged [...]

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Theology at the Boundary

John Richardson takes a second look at the theology of Rowan Williams What are the limits of ‘what it makes Christian sense to say’? This is a question tackled by Dr Rowan Williams himself in his On Christian Theology. But [...]

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Holy Week Highlights IF you ever need to make a case for Holy Week, hymns are the answer. And vice versa. In good time for this year (in case you thought we had the wrong month) here are some diary [...]

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