/March 2003 Articles

Strong Poison!

Francis Gardom revisits a classic CS Lewis’ seminal essay, ‘The Poison of Subjectivism’ originally appeared in the periodical Religion in Life, Vol XII (Summer 1943). To me it has always seemed to say the last word about the mental, moral [...]

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Thoughts from Bath

Hugh Baker on the elemental Jesus The Romans arrived at Bath long before my wife and me. They decided to keep what they found. Out from the Somerset hills poured a chalybeate spring hot (evidently) from the underworld. Such a [...]

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Tolerance Versus Truth

Paul Richardson considers the dilemma of Post-Modernism Oliver Wendell Holmes Jnr, a Justice of the American Supreme Court who died in 1935, was one of those people whose entire life was marked by his youthful experience of war. In his [...]

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We go to the press in the wake of the enormous anti-war protest march in London, the Prime minister’s audience with Pope John Paul and on the eve of the long overdue Parliamentary debate. By the time this copy is [...]

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