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Forty days being tempted A priest After his baptism, Jesus was tempted by Satan for forty days and was offered so many alternatives to obeying the Father’s way of doing things. For Christians, nothing much has changed in the contemporary [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

The enemy Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House A spiritual director ought to have some idea of how to ‘discern the spirits.’ His resource for this is his own experience and a grasp of the main causes [...]

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Fighting the devil

Alan Edwards looks at a current form of muscular Christianity but wonders whether there might not be an easier version Fifty years ago when my ecclesiastical home was FIEC rather than FiF, I puzzled when senior brethren in my Bethel [...]

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A bill to kill?

Hugh Baker has worked himself up into a righteous anger by the parliamentary and media progress of the Euthanasia Bill and is deeply angry at the modern cultural expectations behind it I was recently asked to give some input to [...]

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Called to ordination

Bishop Andrew Burnham reflects on vocations to the sacred ministry within the Church of England in the present uncertainties and the nature of the priesthood to which young men are called At a vocations conference at St Stephen’s House last [...]

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Preventing the crash

Stuart Seaton made his first visit to General Synod and was more encouraged than he had expected to be It was the first occasion I had ever attended General Synod, and I was happily surprised by what I heard. It [...]

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Honourable ditherer?

Nigel Elbourne is not hurrying to leave the Church of England but wants to sit tight and be obstructive to the church of his birth I read the article Stop dithering! with mixed feelings. David Nicholl pricked my somewhat tender [...]

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Cracking the code

Simon Heans confuses Forward in Hope with a recent bestseller and has been seeing signs and conspiracies everywhere As I walked down Victoria Street to attend Forward in Hope, I recalled the last occasion I came that way for a [...]

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Unworthier than thou?

One of the freedoms of retirement, at hours when my parish church is not functioning normally, is the ability to visit some of the dissenting conventicles within walking distance, of which there are several. I rarely come away unwelcomed, unblessed, [...]

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A singular agenda

Jonathan Redvers Harris alerts fellow clergy to a recent circular about marriage registers and takes grave exception to its muddled and ill thought-out attempt to effect social change by decree Extract from General Register Office Circular GRO 16A/2005: CHANGES IN [...]

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