/March 2006 Articles

Growing intolerance

Looking back at the 1992 debate on the ordination of women to the priesthood and the aftermath of the decision, George Austin uncovers a history of intolerance and broken promises The 1990 elections to the General Synod were fought on [...]

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Deus Caritas est

Simon Heans has been reading Pope Benedict's first encyclical on the nature of love. In it he finds a convincing union between eros and agape as well as the instructive neologism 'compenetration' You may have heard that Pope Benedict’s favourite [...]

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Evangelical Futures

Conservative evangelicals risk a future with no bishops of their own. John Richardson urges them to do something positive about the situation to adopt a strategy and to form alliances with the Anglo-Catholics The recent announcement that the Church of [...]

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Listening to friends

John Macquarrie, Lady Margaret Professor -Emeritus of Divinity, gives his response to the Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops' response to the Rochester Report just before it is to be debated in General Synod this month This Roman Catholic response deserves [...]

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February’s major General Synod debate, opened by the Archbishop of Canterbury, on the way forward over women bishops following the suggestions of the Guildford Report, proved more gracious and generous to opponents than most people expected. Robert Key, the MP [...]

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