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HOGARTH Tate Britain 7 February - 29 April Admission £10; concessions £8 The exhibition of Hogarth's paintings and engravings at Tate Britain gives us a comprehensive view of his work. He was by far the most influential artist working in [...]

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Australia Internal disagreements We publish this contribution from an Australian reader of New Directions who is in dispute with Forward in Faith Australia, not because we agree with what he writes, but because we believe in freedom of speech. Readers [...]

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letters to the editor

Ipswich reflections From the Bishop of St Edmundsbury It was sad that Geoffrey Kirk's reflection in response to the murders in Suffolk failed to mention the extraordinary ministry of Fr Haley Dossor at St Mary-at-the-Elms, a C parish in the [...]

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Touching Place

ST CAPRAIS, CARSAC, FRANCE Carsac church, set in a field outside a small village, typifies its genre, with nothing external to differentiate it from hundreds of other humble churches in la France profonde. A small 12th c. building, with a [...]

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Forward in Faith update

New Ways of Being Church Both in the Church of England at large and in our own constituency, there is much talk these days of being church and, therefore, alongside the Working Party, under the Chairmanship of the Bishop of [...]

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Sacred vision

The Man of Sorrows In cell 26 of the Convent of San Marco, given by the Medici to the Dominican order, is another image adapted directly from medieval tradition. Standing in the sepulchre, Christ displays his wounds. ('All this I [...]

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the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk reflects on the events at Dar es Salaam and finds little to make him optimistic for the future 'For nearly two centuries,' a wit once remarked, 'Westminster politicians have been talking about a solution to the Irish problem. [...]

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30 Days

Right on in Brighton 30Days is sorry it cannot find the time or energy to take itself to Brighton for its Lenten penance. The Parish Church of St Nicholas of Myra - 'the Ancient Mother Church of Brighton - is [...]

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Fasting and the soul Arthur Middleton Clement of Alexandria wrote a book entitled Christ the Educator. His advice is: find in Jesus the supreme guide and the midwife of wisdom. The passage entitled 'The Temple of the Ape God' reflects [...]

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City of peace

The theme of Jerusalem in the contexts of both judgement and restoration Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity Among the themes that unify the Book of Isaiah, one of the more notable [...]

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