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Ghostly counsel

Communion Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Retreat House Using the Prayer Book Order for Holy Communion during Lent has been a chastening experience. In many respects the contemporary language liturgy is friendlier - it has an open, even relaxed [...]

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The word of the Lord

Paul Griffin looks at the relationship between the Old and New Testaments, calling for a greater appreciation of the Old Testament In ND February, Peter Toon wrote about how we should read the Bible. This is a subject that a [...]

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the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk takes a closer look at Archbishop Rowan Williams' controversial lecture on law, and finds more problems with its form than with its content The easiest way to organize a standing ovation is to get people to clap when [...]

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Life and the bishop

J. Alan Smith offers a pro-life commentary on the Bishop Harries' recent article in support of the Human Fertility and Embryology Bill taking issue with him over his perception of the early embryo Richard, the Rt Revd Lord Harries of [...]

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Renewing the parish

In a third extract from the Working Party report, Philip North identifies ways in which the church is insufficiently prepared for the challenges of mission, and makes recommendations for addressing these problems If lay renewal is to be effective, we [...]

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Planting the word

Following positive and negative personal experiences of church plants Julian Mann investigates this controversial issue, and finds that the criticisms levelled at church planters contain lessons for all of us Into the calm convoy of our apparent conservative evangelical consensus [...]

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Gloomy verse

Seeking to extend my poetic repertoire beyond AFC Wimbledon's 'When Dave went up, To lift the FA Cup, I was there, I was there', I dropped in at a verse reading at the local Arts Centre. 'Arts' should have been [...]

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Serving all my days

Two years on, an ordinand offers another personal reflection on the current situation in the Church, finding much to be hopeful about, but also highlighting areas needing improvement and the importance of maintaining unity It is over two years since [...]

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Household of faith

Past evangelistic successes often came about through social institutions rather than evangelists, but, as Digby Anderson points out, the destruction of these institutions has made future attempts at evangelism more difficult New Directions has recently carried calls for Anglican Catholics [...]

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