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One and all

Do we really have an obligation to love and care for everyone equally? Digby Anderson asks whether it is permissible to have ethical priorities and argues for the Church’s traditional notion of ‘ethical particularism’ Mrs Anderson is far from pleased [...]

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East Harling

East Harling East Harling church is the largest thing in its little market town, a 14th c. building that had a big 15th c. facelift; behind this makeover was Anne Harling (1426–98), an only child who became a rich heiress [...]

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Liturgical confusions

John Hunwicke is fascinated by the struggle between the different approaches to the Liturgy in Rome and offers his own solution to the problem Liturgically, we live in a confusing betwixt-and-between. What our confusions amount to is: how to reconcile [...]

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Solve this one

Many fear the Ordinariate is good news for clergy but not the laity Mary Gough gives an eloquent expression of this secret fear and offers an implicit challenge to enthusiasts for the Ordinariate I am as far as I know [...]

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Sleep-walking to breakdown

John Shepley has some pertinent questions for those who are cobbling together the current structures of the Anglican Communion In a series of articles in New Directions I have sought to plot the trajectory of contemporary Anglicanism through the crises [...]

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Sing, sisters, sing

William Booth allegedly said ‘Why should the Devil have all the best tunes?’ He answered his question by moving music hall melodies into Salvation Army Citadels. A few years after his missionising, marching bands successfully spread the Gospel to darkest [...]

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New wine uncorked

Gerry O’Brien reflects on the future of relations with the Anglican Church in North America following last month’s debate in the General Synod Events are moving fast on the other side of the pond in both Canada and the USA. [...]

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Understanding the Pope’s offer The Rt Revd Peter Elliot, Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne, spoke recently to Forward in Faith Australia about the character of an Anglican Ordinariate: this is an edited version of his speech Anglicans can no [...]

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and not content

Is it because I am not to be trusted or is it a matter of Elf and Safety? I have recently moved to a new house, and it is filled with electronic instruments, covered in little flashing lights and emitting [...]

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