/March 2016 Articles

Let Them Eat Cake

Ash Wednesday in the diocese of Leicester, from the diocesan website and social media pages "On Ash Wednesday, 10th February, the day on which the Christian season of Lent starts, clergy and other staff from the Diocese of Leicester gave [...]

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In My Father’s House…

An edited version of the Bishop of London’s address at the Mansion House It is a privilege to second the Archbishop of Canterbury's response to the Lord Mayor. Sydney Smith, the witty nineteenth-century Canon of St Paul's, one remarked that [...]

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Well Known In Her Palaces

Serenhedd James accepts an invitation to Hampton Court You know you've hit gold when the Protestant Truth Society shows up with a banner. This time it was at Hampton Court on the afternoon of Shrove Tuesday, and its four representatives [...]

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My Soule Eater Twice

The Bishop of Fulham on John Donne and the date of Easter In the year 1608, a remarkable alignment occurred in the Calendar. Easter Day fell early: not quite as early as it possibly might, but early nonetheless, on Sunday [...]

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