/March 2017 Articles

Ghostly Counsel

Trust and Sin In confessions penitents can say something like “I haven’t trusted God”, or “I failed to have enough faith.” I often find myself wondering where the sin lies in this, and often it is necessary to clarify exactly [...]

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Chrism Masses 2017

Bishops of The Society will be celebrating the following Chrism Masses:   Richborough Wednesday 5th April 7.30 pm S. Hugh, Eyres Monsell,   Leicester Richborough Saturday 8th April 11.00 am Winchester Cathedral Beverley Sunday 9th April 6.00 pm S. Aidan, Grangetown, [...]

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Spiritual Songs

Would Jesus have the sinner die? Why hangs he then on yonder tree? What means that strange expiring cry? (Sinners he prays for you and me) “Forgive them, Father, O forgive, They know not that by me they live!”   [...]

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