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‘Faithful God, your compassion embraces all people. Renew your church in service of the urban estates of our nation; that anointed by you Spirit we may bear witness to your power to heal and save, and the transforming love revealed [...]

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Lowest Common Multiple

J Alan Smith considers this misleading metaphor   Readers of a certain age will no doubt recall terms from Mathematics like the Highest Common Factor (HCF), the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM), and, a variation of the latter, the Lowest Common [...]

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You associate spires with Lincolnshire or Northamptonshire, but the little country of Huntingdonshire has some lovely examples of broach spires.  The parish church of the tiny town of Kimbolton is topped by a nice early 14th century example – spot [...]

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The way of Peace

Nicolas Stebbing CR travels to Germany   Flossenbuerg. Anyone who knows the story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer will know that name. It is the concentration camp where Bonhoeffer was executed on 9th April 1945, shortly before the War ended. For some [...]

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A provocative Yorkshire saint

John Twisleton applauds fellow-Yorkshireman Richard Rolle   Spending a couple of nights at Doncaster’s Travelodge near Hampole brought me back to my roots in more sense than one. The occasion was visiting friends and family in my native Doncaster and [...]

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If only…

Robert Ladds hopes for catholic witness in difficult times   The recent See of Fulham Epiphany Festival was a cameo of what our catholic constituency is, and under God, shall be. Priests and people gathered around their Bishop from across [...]

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England’s Nazareth in Sussex

Colin Woolgrove encourages pilgrimage to another Holy House   The Parish Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, in the heart of the village of Buxted, East Sussex was erected and endowed by Father A.D.Wagner.  The church (Grade II listed) was [...]

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Lent without the Lent book

Julian Browning offers some advice on keeping Lent   Of course the Lent book is good for us. Learning, pondering, discussing: all good things. So are the other traditional obligations of Lent, such as almsgiving in the form of a [...]

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