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Faith of our Fathers

Truth and Practical Piety Truth and Innocency The Preface to the Works of William Beveridge (1638-1708), states that `the confusion and disputes of those troubled times' turned him, for direction and guidance, to the study of Ecclesiastical Antiquity for the [...]

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Goodbye To All That.?

Robbie Low looks at the Financial Provisions Measure IN 1992 the Church of England voted to ordain women to the priesthood. There can be few Anglicans who are unaware of this. In belated anticipation of the difficulties this would cause [...]

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Whelan closed his eyes and picked up, at random, one of the three ties he had laid out on the other twin bed the night before. Did it matter what he wore? Why was he so intimidated by the prospect [...]

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Water, Demons, Pigs

Philip Reardon explains a narrative consistency EXCEPT for the Passion narratives, it is not often that several consecutive gospel stories are told in the identical order in all or even several of the gospels. Indeed, apart from events that obviously [...]

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The Best Kept Secret

Fr Peter Huckle SSJE looks to the future of St Edward’s House, Westminster ‘The best kept secret in the Anglican Church’. The words of the Archbishop of Canterbury regarding the Religious Communities – and how true they are! You might [...]

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Bye Bye, Queen Mum

‘So what are your reactions?’ asked Steve Doughty of the Daily Mail. Good sermon by the ABC, I immediately responded. A sermon about God and about Jesus and about her. She would have liked that. Marvellous performances by the supporting [...]

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The God Particle

What, where, how and why is the God Particle? I realize it is not truly a theological question, but there is no doubting that the particle physics enterprise was one of the great cultural achievements of the last century. The [...]

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PRAYING THE RESURRECTION ‘Christian people are Easter People, and their song is Alleluia!’ So runs the oft-quoted statement by St Augustine. Easter is the season of celebration, joy and light. It is the scent of lilies in sun-lit churches, it [...]

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RooT takes root

Fr Peter CSWG on an initiative amongst Anglican religious RooT – Religious of orthodox Tradition – is the name about to be adopted by a group of Anglican religious who have been meeting together through an Annual Conference since 1995. [...]

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