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Project Canterbury

Anglican Divinity on the World Wide Web UNTIL three years ago, it would have been all but impossible in many parts of the world for an interested reader to find much of the corpus of Anglican divinity without travelling to [...]

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The Wallace Collection

Anne Gardom on a hidden treasure of London The Wallace collection in Manchester Square is one of London's greatest treasures, and yet many people have never heard of it, and it attracts far fewer visitors than the other great London [...]

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United Witnesses?

Edwin Barnes looks at the current Methodist reunion proposals Twice in the last forty years there have been attempts at Anglican-Methodist reunion, and twice those attempts failed. Now there is another plan on the table, the result of the latest [...]

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All Together Now!

Andrew Burnham concludes that you cannot vote against unity AS A MEMBER of the Formal Conversations between the Methodist Church of Great Britain and the Church of England, I took part with a heightened sense of what had gone before. [...]

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It has always been assumed that the Bishop of London is opposed to the ordination of women to the priesthood. This is a reasonable assumption as he has gone on record describing the development as a ' radical discontinuity and [...]

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