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BATH S.John’s, Bathwick (by the Fire Station). A Forward in Faith Church. Sunday: Sung Mass 9.00 am; Evening Prayer & Benediction 6.30 pm on 2nd/4th Sundays. Weekday Masses: T 8.00 am; W 7.00 pm; Th. 10.30 am; F 7.30 pm; [...]

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FiF Update

Subscriptions Many thanks to all those Forward in Faith members who have been so efficient and have sent in their annual subscriptions, following last month’s Treasurer’s Report. We hope that all the rest of you are dealing with your subscriptions [...]

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Media Watch

George Austin on the responsibility of Power IT is early May and the media is full of allegations of horrific torture, brutality and murder in Iraq both in prisons and outside. Of course in the end it may all prove [...]

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The Gentleman Bishop

Reginald Heber, the great hymn writer, was also an early missionary bishop The idea of the Gentleman Bishop is, to us, either a Barchester joke or a modern, managerial mockery, but it was not always thus. The English Church of [...]

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Book Reviews

Looking again at the liturgy The Book of Divine Worship Newman House Press, 974pp, hbk 0 9704022 6 0 This American publication, dedicated to Pope John Paul II, comprises ‘elements of the Book of Common Prayer revised and adapted according [...]

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Letter from Australia

Fathers in Law Not long after the ordination of women began in the majority of Australian dioceses, a friend of mine, wanting to be kind and conciliatory, and trying to maintain the ‘highest level of communion possible’, invited the diocesan [...]

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Letter from America

The Do-It-Yourself Doctrine Call it Christianity Lite. It's the assertion – no, the insistence – that you can be a Christian in good standing though you reject all or significant parts of the brand of Christianity to which you formally [...]

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Synod Insider

Gerry O'Brien on the gathering storm Consensus has never been easy to achieve. Some might say that in the fallen world in which we live it is unachievable. Some starry eyed idealists seem to think that if only we could [...]

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The Way We Live Now

The Root of all Evil In summer 1965 in a Winnipeg hospital, Janet Reimer's lifelong dream came true when she gave birth to twin sons, Bruce and Brian. But within six months, both boys develop difficulty urinating. The doctors suggest [...]

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No Prima Donna? As the Church of England moves towards the formal debate about women in the episcopate there are a number of options for the way forward. This month we examine a compromise proposal: that women should be ordained [...]

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