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books TWENTIETH CENTURY CATHOLIC THEOLOGIANS From Neoscholasticism to Nuptial Mysticism Fergus Kerr Blackwell, 240pp, pbk 978 140512084 5, £17-99 This excellent book, a real gift, provides surveys of ten theologians who together span the twentieth century: Chenu, Congar, Schillebeeckx, de [...]

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Sweden Liberal totalitarianism in a high tax economy Malmo is Sweden's third largest city and by far the worst city in Scandinavia when it comes to Muslim aggression. I read recently that an Arab girl interviewed in Malmo said that [...]

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letters to the editor

Faithful witness From the Revd Anthony Bell For the past twenty-eight years ALDU [Association for the Defence of the Unborn] has consistently, through regular bulletins, kept before the members of the legal profession and their medical colleagues the persistent disregard [...]

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New Ways of Being Church As Fr Brandie explained in March, the College of Regional Deans has set up a series of working parties, charged with the task of examining how we should be church - both at the present [...]

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30 days

Spell check Brave spirits amongst the readers of 30Days should take themselves off to the website of Affirming Catholicism (sic), where they will find the 9,775 words of wisdom (sic) which comprise the groups Submission to the Legislative Drafting Group [...]

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Touching Place

ST MICHAEL & ALL ANGELS, GREAT WITLEY, WORCS Not a short haul from the main road, and the track ahead is pot-holed, but the visit repays all. The first Lord Foley rebuilt Witley Court in the early eighteenth century; the [...]

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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on a state of mind little understood The earnestness of those Primates defending the orthodox doctrine of human sexuality has brought protest. The Archbishop of Wales protested that this is not what Anglicanism is about; it is about [...]

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Sacred vision

Church ofHosios Loukas The monastery church of Hosios Loukas in Phocis, southern Greece, was built in the tenth century to a centralized plan typical of the mid-Byzantine period. The lustrous Pentecost mosaic from this dome adjacent to the apse shows [...]

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Human nature

Revelation teaches us that human nature is a changeable state of becoming Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity Without divine revelation, there are all sorts of theories about man, and in fact [...]

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New covenant - new commandment Chris Collins Send forth your Spirit, O Lord, and renew the face of the earth. The word which we have in our New Testament for new comes from two different words in the original Greek. [...]

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