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To the point

Our diocesan secretary has written saying that because our parish is behind with paying the quota, then the diocese is effectively meeting the costs of priestly ministry here; and that our priest cannot expect to continue to receive a stipend [...]

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The man in black

Alan Edwards looks at the role of faith in the life and music of Johnny Cash Three hundred years since the birth of Charles Wesley; 30 years since Elvis died. 2007 is a year of musical anniversaries; among them, 75 [...]

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No role models left?

A FiF priest thinks about fostering vocations in the future The most striking idea that emerged from the first meeting of the Vocations Group was one that I had never thought of before in this context. We did not come [...]

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Future community

Sister Mary Michael CHC reflects upon the 150th anniversary of the Community of the Holy Cross and the wider future By the grace of God, the monastic Community of the . Holy Cross, now at Rempstone in Southwell diocese, celebrates [...]

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Church and State

In a new series of articles, George Austin, wondering whether establishment is still such a good idea, examines the Church's relationship with the State in this country, meandering back to earliest times In her Times Online weblog (always a good [...]

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Be serious on polity

The Rt Revd James M. Stanton, Bishop of Dallas, takes the rest of The Episcopal Church to task: if much is made of its unique 'polity' then it must be serious in thinking through what this actually means The response [...]

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This is the day

In 1999, I hit on what I thought at the time was a brilliant idea for helping our country to see the true origin of the millennium in Christianity. In 2000, so went my proposals, why not make a point [...]

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Next hundred years

From the lost generation of Catholic Anglican theologians Arthur Middleton recalls the words of N.P. Williams in 1933 at the centenary of the Oxford Movement N. P. Williams, Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity in Oxford, speaking at the final evening [...]

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All democrats now

Paul Griffin sees the virtues and advantages in democracy and the use of democratic decision making within the Church but only within strict limits that do not transcend the Gospel Democracy has come to be considered by many sensible people [...]

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Polity, polity

John Shepley does not see The Episcopal Church's appeal to the constraints of its own peculiar 'polity' as evasive and frivolous, but as symptomatic of a fundamental difference of understanding about the nature of Christ's Church There has been much [...]

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