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Surfing the bloggers

Before vanishing into the Norfolk wilderness (see his blog) Ed Tomlinson offers a swift round-up of some current cyber-subjects What was to be gleaned from blogs this March? I say March because Holy Week and Easter, and then Easter Week [...]

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Finding a Red Tory

Simon Heans finds some commendable ideas in the views of the political theologian Phillip Blond and his new take on Toryism Red Toryism is the invention of Phillip Blond, the newly appointed Director of the Progressive Conservatism Project at the [...]

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Faithfully yours

Chris Sugden introduces the Be Faithful rally this coming July and gives a summary of how and why it came to be planned Be Faithful! - Confessing Anglicans in Global and Local Mission will be held on 6 July 2009 [...]

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Anthony Savilie wonders what new offence is about to make its way onto the statute book That April European Union Directive? Is it a major step towards the outlawing of traditional Christian life, or just another daft product from the [...]

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That problematic ban

Is the Church of England missing the point in its desire to ban the BNP? Tom Sutcliffe explains what cannot be said in the Southwark diocesan newspaper about a fellow synod member's successful Private Member's Motion In a speech I [...]

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This issue starts printing on St Georges Day. A day when the Mayor of London will be taking part in celebrations of Englishness, when churches will be ringing bells across the country, when the Cross of St George may fly [...]

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