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Vierges noires

France is famous for popular devotion to the Virgin, for a lot longer than Lourdes; Black Madonna shrines go back many hundreds of years, featuring statues of Our Lady whose black appearance may be due to the material of which [...]

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Looking back at the Ascension from Whitsunday, it is hard to remember that in a sense Jesus was actually, physically, going away from his friends. He was leaving them to manage as best they could. In that sense, we are [...]

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Parting friends

Giving up her Watch responsibilities after thirteen years Christina Rees writes us a farewell summing up of past decades and their battles for the truth in the Church The evening of 17 October 1990. A tense debate in a village [...]

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As it did following the tragic eath of Princess Diana, The Sun again assumed the role of England’s spiritual leader when, in March, another tragedy seemed likely. Although the country was looking for guidance, Lambeth was silent. Rowan too busy [...]

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Crimes assessed

Geoffrey Kirk agrees with Professor Richard Dawkins and asks for more sober and critical investigations of child abuse from the media Happily I was spared the misfortune of a Roman Catholic upbringing (Anglicanism is a significantly less noxious strain of [...]

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Standing at the junction Anthony Saville considers how we should be preparing for the decisions we will have to make later this year about the Ordinariate and the General Synod provision We are once again waiting. We seem to have [...]

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Parish Directory

[as updated December 2009] BEXHILL-on-SEA St Barnabas, Sea Road Forward in Faith. Sunday - Parish Mass 11am, Third Sunday (Easter to All Saints): Evening Prayer and Benediction 4pm. Mass daily at 10am except Monday (but check the noticeboard), Second Tuesday: [...]

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