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About Mary

Rebecca Swyer speaks to General Synod I’m speaking in support of this motion and welcome the desire it expresses for a period of further ‘discernment’ and ‘enlightenment’ about the role of Mary in the Christian faith. I’m speaking as someone [...]

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Jesus or GM food:

what’s all the fuss about GCSE RE? Stephen Marks considers a delicate question This is going to be a fraught Easter holiday in the Marks household, as the triplets are about to sit their GCSE exams. And, since they are [...]

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Looking Forward

Mark Stevens asks what the Society of St Wilfrid and St Hilda can realistically hope to achieve He hasn’t an enemy in the world, and none of his friends like him,’ said Oscar Wilde of George Bernard Shaw. And the [...]

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In praise of Deanery Synods!

Tony Delves reflects on the progress of the draft legislation for women bishops through the Deanery Synods There is something about Deanery Synods which reminds me of Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot. In both, people wait expectantly for something [...]

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Sing as you go

There’s little to sing about nowadays. An ‘Ant and Dec’ led Coalition, Starbucks coffee, perpetual Silly Season at the Synod. So you’d think there’s a need to recall ‘our Gracie’ and ‘sing as you go and let the world go [...]

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Anglican Patrimony

Christopher Trundle considers the traditions of Rogationtide ‘The Country Parson is a Lover of old Customes... Particularly, he loves Procession, and maintains it, because there are contained therein 4 manifest advantages. First, a blessing of God for the fruits of [...]

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David Lindsay on the need for society to re-emphasize the importance of paternal authority Even if for the wrong reasons, Frank Field is right. The General Synod does not have the final say on women bishops in the Church of [...]

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Worthiness and willingness Clare Rabjohns explains why it is important to consider Mary in discussions about the role of women in the Church and the meaning of vocation and ministry Mary has often been ‘not the image of female nature [...]

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