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BOTTICELLI REIMAGINED Victoria and Albert Museum until 3rd July I do not know whether the curators of this show are cynical, stupid, or deviously brilliant – cynical to promote so much trash; stupid not to know the trash is trash; or deviously brilliant to show [...]

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Many ‘Black Virgin' statues are found in central France, round the Auvergne: one of the finest is found just north of Clermont-Ferrand, in the village of Marsat (1: Puy-de-Dôme), a place of pilgrimage for over a thousand years. A very [...]

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Mary the Mother of Jesus

A creative and friendly inter-faith dynamic continues in the parish of Small Heath, Birmingham. The Hussainia Mosque and All Saints' Church plan to host a day of lectures on the subject of Mary – a figure of great prominence in both [...]

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Remembering Sister Wendy

Sr Wendy Renate Rhodes SOLR – or just ‘Sister Wendy', as she was known to the many thousands who pass through Walsingham each year – died on 23 March, aged 64. Fr Alex Lane writes: Wendy's father was in the army, [...]

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Walsingham Way

Graham Lunn writes with some recent news from East Anglia The Norfolk sky is variably beautifully clear and dismally grey, the pheasant have been shot and the pigeons multiply, and the Holy House of England's Nazareth flickers, as ever, in candlelight. [...]

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Your task is Transformation

The Bishop of Burnley’s Chrism-Mass sermon My old parish in London was round the back of the main stations, and bad things happen round the backs of stations. The streets at night were filled with dubious characters – and that was [...]

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Pentecost in Holy week

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet’s Chrism-Mass sermon Why do we celebrate Pentecost in the middle of Holy Week? For that is what this service is about: Pentecost. It's one of those celebrations that echoes a great feast celebrated at some other time [...]

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