/November 1998 Articles


An appreciative, but exhausted, account of the Bristol Festival THE NAVE STARTED to fill up by 11 am. Extra seating down the side aisles and at the narthex looked optimistic at that time, by noon it was standing room only. [...]

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The Way we Live Now

Phantasialand WHEN RATIONALITY returns and some bright young scholar makes his reputation with a block-buster of ecclesiastical history entitled 'The Rapid Rise and Demise of Liberal Christianity', one of the book's most interesting chapters will be that on fantasy (or [...]

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Synod Insider

A Broad Church with a Mixed Bag AS THE GENERAL SYNOD prepares to gather for its November group of sessions, Camilla Parker-Bowles will be throwing a 50th birthday party for the Prince of Wales, who is next in line to [...]

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Muddying the Waters

John Masding details the reasons for rejecting the new Churchwarden's measure soon to come before Parliament When Patrons seek to present a new incumbent to a Bishop for institution, one of the important checks and balances which the Church of [...]

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Giles Pinnock has been to a recent conference about vocation When the flyer for the Original Integrity Vocations Fund (OIVF) vocations conference arrived with New Directions, I was immediately interested. I had been contemplating a nagging sense of vocation for [...]

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The text of a joint letter from the Chairmen of Reform, Forward in Faith and Cost of Conscience to the Lord Chancellor, in response to the Parliamentary Green Paper on euthanasia Sir, As Chairmen respectively of Reform, Forward in Faith [...]

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Biblical Exposition

A Church Opposed: Part 2 (Rev. 13:1 – 14:5) ‘KNOW YOUR ENEMY’ is a good adage, and here John gives Christians an important insight into the enemy they face. The imagery of vv 1-2 is startling, yet OT readers will [...]

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