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Andrew Burnham finds that flying bishops have won approval in exalted places, and considers some possible ways forward THE POLITICAL WING of the Anglo-Catholic movement in England has so far excited the envy of traditionalist rebels throughout the world by [...]

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Update FIF

News from the Forward in Faith Regions The Case for a Free Province Large numbers of readers have already availed themselves of the offer in last month's New Directions whereby, for a cheque for £1.50 and a SAE, they have [...]

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Letter from America

Morality Writ Small I SHOULD WAIT a month or two to summarize the Episcopal responses to Lambeth, but I will say that our liberals are in a bigger snit than even I expected. They have reduced themselves to paranoid fantasies [...]

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30 Days

OBSCENE BUT NOT HEARD The level of absurdity reached by political correctness in the United States of America was demonstrated in a recent news bulletin about the peep-show that passes for a Presidency. Announcing the imminent publication of several more [...]

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The Lambeth Conference euphoria is over. Having given the impression of a degree of doctrinal conservatism to the world, the western bishops have gone home and back to their old ways. In the U.S.A. the liberal bandwagon has pledged itself [...]

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