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Every so often, one of the various bub­bles of our ignorance is burst as the truth catches us by surprise, leaving us pleasantly (or otherwise) aware of some new aspect of that which is. Something like this happened at this [...]

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From Mr Bob Britnell, What struck me about the article by Christina Rees in September’s ND was how little it related to the concerns of those opposed to women priests or bishops; it didn’t take our concerns and dismiss them, [...]

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last chronicle

It was announced today that the annual Metropolitan Police Crimebusters Award goes to the Archbishops’ Council of the Church of England for a series of Pastoral Guidelines. In the citation the Council is said to have made a unique contribution [...]

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Forward in Faith update

One particular resolution passed by the National Assembly has placed a significant, though welcome, burden on a Sub-Committee of the Forward in Faith Council. Resolution 01, proposed by FiF Southwark, having been amended by David Warren and Fr Graeme Buttery [...]

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30 days

Stewardship news Following the publication of the 2005 details of bishops’ expenses, 30Days is pleased to announce this year’s winners of the Commissioners’ Achievement awards for the Most Expensive Bishops (excluding Canterbury, York, London and Europe). The diocesan bishop with [...]

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Touching Place

OUR LADY OF EGMANTON, Think ‘Nottinghamshire,’ and coalfields come to mind, but the countryside south of Tuxford is a green and pleasant land. Tradition has it that Our Lady appeared to an Egmanton woman in medieval times, and a shrine [...]

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Sacred vision

Marten de Vos The fall of Antwerp to the forces of Allessandro Farnese, Duke of Parma and Spanish commander-in chief, on August 17, 1585 began a period of unprecedented artistic activity in Flanders. Much of the work centred upon Antwerp [...]

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the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk has been discovering parallels in the unusually horrible musings of the animal rights philosopher Peter Singer Is there a liberal agenda? And if so, where is it headed? The answer to the first question must surely be that [...]

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Praying for the departed Fr Thomas Seville CR November, with its turning of the landscape to one with little colour and less life, is a time when the Church fittingly remembers her dead. In some places, lights appear near graves [...]

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