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Hanging around

How Paul learned to be helpless in the strength of the Lord Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity The Apostle Paul did not like ‘hanging around.’ An industrious go-getter, he preferred to [...]

Ghostly Counsel

Sex, part 2 Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House Sexuality and spirituality have a definite and dynamic relationship. That is why chastity is valued as a ‘Holy Virtue.’ This causes problems in our day and age. The [...]

Hints and allusions

George Austin finds so many references to the Old Religion in Shakespeare’s plays it is clear he never escaped its influence William Shakespeare was never a polemicist, not one to press this or that political issue of the day, but [...]

Mass in Phnom Phen

Geoffrey Kirk shares the sacrament with fellow Christians of another land We had supposed that there would be an imposing colonial cathe­dral, all white painted tropi­cal gothic, in a main square not far from the Royal Place and Perrault’s imposing [...]

I was thirsty…

Gemma Harris of WaterAid describes the work of the life-giving charity where she works After much discussion, the Council of the Glastonbury Pilgrimage decided that it should invite WaterAid to participate in a joint venture covering at least the next [...]

Unity’s winding path

John Hunwicke offers a stark warning on the prospects for ecumenical advance and looks back at an important document too little known in the Church of England, Church Eucharist Trinity The Catholic clergy spent their time in sacraments and prayer, [...]

End of the parish?

Scott Anderson argues that the game is up for the traditional parish model and that the Church of England faces a radical overhaul if it is to face the challenge of evangelization in the coming decades The late Bishop Brian [...]

Getting grumpy

‘You having a laugh?’ The catch phrase of Ricky Gervais’ hopeful but hopeless comic in BBC 2 ’s Extras. It’s a sure bet that most Britons today aren’t having a laugh. The likely response to the panto season’s query ‘Is [...]

Discipline crisis

Can the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003 really provide effective justice for the accused? Paul Benfield offers a personal view of its shortcomings Tourists in York on 12 October could witness an unusual spectacle. They could see members of the Convocation [...]

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