/November 2006 Articles

Abusing the carers

David Nichol has been reading a new set of guidelines published by the Church of England and has been deeply depressed by the manner of its writing and the casual nature of its theological reflection Do not blame the writers. [...]

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God’s grandchildren

Francis Gardom The parson’s son and the doctor’s daughter Frequently do what they didn’t oughter: For misbehavin’ they’re second to none – Bar the parson’s daughter and doctor’s son! The only question we’d ask them is whether They’re at it [...]

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Remembrance Sunday

Captain Ben Hawes, C (Northamptonshire) Company 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment ‘The Poachers’ writes about Remembrance from Basra, Iraq In February this year, I played rugby for my Battalion on a wind-swept Lincolnshire pitch against my old club in [...]

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Cash resolution

Paul Plumpton reports from the FiF National Assembly The two resolutions on diocesan quota were published last month on p.30 as 2006/08 and 2006/09. I was happy to propose these two resolutions on behalf of the National Council, resolutions in [...]

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Sticking plaster

Peter Toon assesses the first significant report from the Panel of Reference and though it has been widely criticized across the Anglican Communion finds some hope in its temporary, pragmatic truce for a bitter dispute Anglicans in and around Vancouver [...]

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Catholic Anglicans unequivocally reject General Synod’s authority to change the Orders of Christ’s Church: they are simply not in the Synod’s gift. This is a fundamental element of the Church of England’s selfunderstanding and self-definition: we believe ourselves to be, [...]

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