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Kept in thy name A Sister of the Community of the Holy Cross Rempstone Holy Father, keep them in thy name which thou hast given I me, that they may be one, even as we are one' [John 17.11, RSV]. [...]

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To the point

IX Continuing Anglicans May an incumbent invite a priest of the Traditional Anglican Communion to preside at the Eucharist in his church? Canon C8, the provisions of which are complex, governs the exercise of ministry within the Church of England. [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Living with death Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House I can't imagine where she is now,' a widowed man once complained to me. 'Tell me where she's gone,' he pleaded. The reality of death challenges us at [...]

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Staying put

A Sister of the Community of Holy Cross Rempstone finds a relevant lesson in Archbishop Michael Ramsey's attitude to the Church of England in time of crisis The cynics say 'What's the point?' All life peters out with a whimper. [...]

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IV Those who hunger

Hugh Bates looks at the fourth Beatitude, and its dramatic expression in the feeding of the five thousand Even before climate change, from the earliest times, there has been the scourge of famine, drought and failed harvests. Wars and conflicts [...]

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Original sin

Paul Griffin offers an autumnal corrective to the concept of sin Despite its occasional and regrettable use as a bludgeon, the doctrine of Original Sin should not be hard to accept. Yet my agnostic friends frequently mention it as a [...]

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Celtic expressions

Andy Phillips suggests that the Church needs to adapt culturally to a changing society and describes how he used this approach in setting up a Celtic Christian fellowship in Cornwall Just over two years ago, I was posted to Faslane [...]

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Displaced altars

Peter Mullen offers a cheerful rant against the use of nave altars a secularization of the liturgy which destroys the symbolic purpose of church design and the mystery of the Sacrament I have just got back from a visit to [...]

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Make ’em work

Trick or treat' is now the youthful I litany for All Souls-tide. Once it was 'Penny for the Guy.' Supplanting folk customs, whether Bonfire Night or old-style Halloween, by modern American re-vampiring or Harry Pottering has caused comment. The danger [...]

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