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No king but Caesar

George Austin describes the increasing conflict between Church and State in the centuries leading up to the breach with Rome When a new diocesan bishop pays homage to the Queen on appointment, he apparently agrees to hand over both the [...]

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A common mission

Jonathan Naumann challenges some of the misconceptions about Lutherans and their attitude to the Catholic faith and sketches the particular witness of the Missouri Synod If you don't know that much about Lutherans or Lutheranism, you could be forgiven for [...]

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Hero of the faith

The following is an extract from the Opening Address at the National Assembly of Forward in Faith by National Secretary Fr Geoffrey Kirk Mr Chairman, I have heard complaints in the past that the Forward in Faith Assembly is orchestrated [...]

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The Meaning Of Faith

John Twistleton considers the nature and meaning of faith, for the individual and for the Christian Community To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible wrote Thomas Aquinas. This wisdom of [...]

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Where authority lies

John Twisleton gives a gentle introduction to the often vexed question of authority within the Church of Christ BY what authority do Christians believe? To ■ answer 'God in Christ' is sufficient at one level because the Christian faith is [...]

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In what looks like a rush to pre-empt the CofE, the Church in Wales has published a draft Bill to enable women to be ordained as bishops. It is a strange confection. It begins by claiming that it is 'now [...]

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