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Sacred Vision

Jonah, Canterbury Cathedral The roundel of Jonah, probably dating from around 1200, is one of four surrounding a panel of the Resurrection at the centre of what has come to be known as the Redemption Window in the Corona. Some [...]


A saying in its time Patrick Henry Reardon, senior editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity Many folks who have never read him may be familiar, nonetheless, with the most famous mot of Lord Acton: "Power tends to corrupt, [...]

Ghostly Counsel

Simple Spirituality Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House It helps sometimes to break the components of a Christian rule of lifeinto simple categories. I am grateful to a friend for suggesting the following which he calls the [...]

views, reviews and previews

TREASURES FROM BUDAPEST Royal Academy 25 September–12 December Admission £12; concessions available THIS PAST month the Gauguins at Tate Modern have been gathering so many rave reviews (see next month’s New Directions) as to put the Academy’s autumn offering into [...]

from elsewhere

EUROPE Europe’s Catholic bishops establish Christian rights watchdog Europe’s Roman Catholic bishops have set up an organization to defend the rights of Christians as well as monitoring prejudice and injustice across the continent. “Our first task will be to provide [...]

The Ebbsfleet Project

X The Right Reverend Andrew Burnham, Bishop of Ebbsfleet, reflects on an experiment on pastoral oversight On the feast of St Catherine of Siena this year, 29th April 2010, the See of Ebbsfleet had its sixteenth birthday and, on 30th [...]

The double agony

Anthony Gelston on the nature of Jesus’ suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane and the two aspects of his victorious struggle O generous love! that he, who smote In Man for man the foe, The double agony in Man For [...]

Lancelot Andrewes

Anthony Gelston on some important aspects of the life and ministry of a leading Anglican divine who continues to be an exemplar to our own day Lancelot Andrewes was a leading Anglican divine in the early seventeenth century. After a [...]

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