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Canterbury glass

Stained glass makes an impact on the senses unlike any other art form because of its brilliance and ever-changing movement as it responds to the light of the sun. Reaching many people simultaneously through the use of light to power [...]

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In a speech at the 2010 National Assembly Geoffrey Kirk looked back on the events of the last thirty years I was instructed by Stephen Parkinson, who combines, as I am sure you know, on these occasions the roles of [...]

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One of Three?

Robin Jones and John Caster reflect on the Southern Sacred Synod He holds him with his glittering eye- The Wedding-Guest stood still, And listens like a three years’ child: The Mariner hath his will. As the Catholic clergy of the [...]

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God and the Beeb

Digby Anderson argues that quality, not quantity, is the main problem in religious broadcasting, but is media culture so far removed from true religion that most journalists can no longer understand it? Senior figures in the Church of England want [...]

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That muted welcome

John Turnbull shares his excitement, confusion and embarrassment as he watched the evening service with Pope Benedict at Westminster Abbey It goes to show you should never believe your own propaganda. The Romans may be right, we are happy to [...]

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What Then Remains?

Nowadays you can read stories of clergy administering Holy Communion to a dog, or advocating swearing as a means to evangelism or shoplifting as a 21st century way in which the poor can become blessed, and not turn a hair. [...]

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Neither one thing nor the other Nigel Atkinson, speaking to the Northern Sacred Synod, explains how the Church of England has sold its birthright as a Reformed Catholic Church. I address you as a convinced Reformed Catholic this morning who [...]

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and not content

Perhaps the most irritating thing about Anglicans is their unremitting smugness. I am sick and tired of the mantra about Anglican inclusiveness, as though there were anything in the Anglican past which demonstrated openness and tolerance of dissent. From the [...]

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Parish Directory

BEXHILL-on-SEA St Barnabas, Sea Road Forward in Faith. Sunday - Parish Mass 11am, Third Sunday (Easter to All Saints): Evening Prayer and Benediction 4pm. Mass daily at 10am except Monday (but check the noticeboard), Second Tuesday: Walsingham Cell 10.45am. Sacrament [...]

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