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Ghostly Counsel

Remembrance Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House Psalm 132 begins ‘remember David and all his trouble’ – the plea for the Lord to remember is one that echoes throughout Scripture and is taken up by Christ in [...]


An address to Christians William Law The Treatise on Perfection is a sort of rehearsal for the Serious Call, and it is addressed to the so-called Christian. Law does not speak to the notorious evil liver. His concern is with [...]

faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on the life and writings of Richard Hooker and his wide vision of the continuity and wholeness of the Church’s Tradition Richard Hooker was born in Exeter, educated at the Grammar School and sponsored by Bishop Jewel of [...]

Downton Vicarage:

facing change with the Abbey Neal Wood takes a look at the circumstances of country clergy in the Edwardian period Aside from a scene, outside the church, following a memorial service for a cousin in episode one of the first [...]

Forward !

Robin Jones explains the aims of the Forward! pew-sheet and why it is an invaluable educational resource for parishes Dom Anselm Hughes’ book The Rivers of the Flood recalls a glorious incident, during one of the periods of persecution against [...]

The Oratory

Kevin Francis Donlon considers the historical roots and future potential of the Oratory Movement for Anglicans In the early part of the sixteenth century the development of the a renewal movement for the Church known as the Oratory was inaugurated [...]

Where we are

Simon Killwick reports on the Synodical Process Each session of General Synod begins with a report on the progress of legislation; it is usually like watching paint dry! It seems ironic to be beginning the Forward in Faith Assembly in [...]

The Society

The Bishop of Beverley speaks about the Society to the members of Forward in Faith Perhaps understandably, I have lost count of the number of times I have either written about The Society or have spoken of it. During a [...]

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