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John Trillek was a conscientious and pastoral minded Bishop of Hereford (1344-1360) who scarcely left his diocese, concentrating on providing clergy to minister to the faithful at a time of plague. The little church in the Golden Valley at Vowchurch [...]

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Encounter with Christ

David Chislett encouragement in the New Evangelization promoted by two recent popes One of the recurring themes of Joseph Ratzinger’s ministry (before as well as after he became Pope Benedict XVI) is the Catholic life as an ongoing personal encounter [...]

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The Bethlehem Icon Centre

Ian Knowles discusses the Bethlehem Icon Centre Bethlehem is a place laden with expectations, presumptions and mythology. From carols to political demonstrations, from declarations of peace on earth to endless years of war and violence, this tiny place has struck [...]

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A Life Dedicated to Prayer

Crispin Harrison remembers Monsignor Augustine Hoey, Oblate of the Order of St Benedict On celebrating his hundredth birthday on 22 December 2015, Pope Francis honoured Kenneth Thomas Hoey, widely known as Father Augustine Hoey, by appointing him a Monsignor. It [...]

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The Company of Heaven

Michael Fisher considers the place of angels in the mass At the heart of the eucharist there lies the wonderful concept that, for a few precious moments, the veil between this world and the next is so palpably thin that [...]

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Blood Missionary

Jenny Taylor believes menstruation holds the key to transformation in Kenya ‘Menstruation is having its moment,’ says The Guardian. What this means is that there is a growing number of charities that understand how profoundly bleeding affects individual life chances [...]

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Heroes of the Faith

This month we consider the impact of Bishop Lancelot Andrewes Most of us associate Bishop Andrewes with the Authorized Version of the Bible. King James I initiated a new translation of the Christian Scriptures arising out of the Hampton Court [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Aloneness and Loneliness If the national statistics are correct then half the individuals reading this live alone. For some, living alone is a gift and opportunity; for others it is a burden bordering on a curse.  I have had only [...]

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