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Ghostly Counsel

Andy Hawes    Purgation   This month begins with All Souls Day and includes Remembrance Sunday. It is a time of the year when the liturgy and prayer of the church meets the reality of physical death with the Gospel [...]

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Everywhere in chains

Sarah Gillard-Faulkner, deacon and prison chaplain, looks at how we consider the ravens   My guess is that, for most people, prisons are neither here nor there places. They have no real presence in the world until something very sadly [...]

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Touching place

ST MARGARET, RATLINGHOPE, SHROPSHIRE   Ratlinghope is about as remote as you get in Shropshire, one of England’s most unspoilt counties. The best time to see it is spring; coming from Church Stretton you cross the Long Mynd - very [...]

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Faith of Our Fathers

Arthur Middleton on Reformers, Builders and Caroline Divines: necessary strands of the  Christian life   The seventeenth century was a theological age:   Everybody who thought at all was interested in the subject, and had qualified themselves both by study [...]

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November Diary

Thurifer has been out on the road   My first excursion out of London for eighteen months, I emerged from my enforced hibernation, sniffing the air and blinking, mole like, over the steering wheel. I had not realised that I [...]

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The way we live now

Christopher Smith wonders what’s in a name.   The Office of National Statistics has a little toy on its website called ‘Baby names explorer’.  If you have some time to fritter away, it’s quite interesting to chart the popularity of [...]

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The Director’s Cut

Unsurprisingly there is much talk in Church of England circles about the results of the recent elections to General Synod. The level of wider interest is open to question but that is for another day. The position on Synod following [...]

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